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Most companies realize that people are significant assets to their business and Dextran Products is no exception. In fact, most of our relationships have remained strong even after decades of business cycles up and down. We are proud of this loyalty, as it permeates thoughout all departments of the company.  




Visionary and Entrepreneur

In honor of our founder, Dextran Products is proud and privileged to carry on the business of producing and providing Dextran to the world. 


The late Mr. Usher was a visionary and entrepreneur who established the company in Canada in 1969, but the story began decades before then. In 1938, Mr. Usher began investigating an anomalous reaction to sugar in storage, which may have led to the first deliberate synthesis of dextran.  One of the earliest applications of this new discovery was as a human blood substitute. Eight decades later dextran and dextran derivatives are used in a multitude of human and veterinary pharmaceutical applications, as vaccine adjuvants and in cosmetics. 


The company holds extensive patents covering products developed from  Mr. Usher's scientific research and ingenuity.



President and Chief Executive Officer

Educated at Malvern College and the University of Guelph, Ontario, where he obtained an honours degree, Mr. Usher joined the Company from university in 1982. 


He has held several positions in production and management, and is currently responsible for worldwide sales and marketing. 



Chief Operating Officer 

Positioned as company President, Ms. Wardlaw joined the company in 1984 and has served in various capacities since that time, with particular emphasis on accounting, management and order processing.  

CA, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jamestee began serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company on November 1, 2018. Mr. Jamestee is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is principal of TVH Accounting Professional Corporation, an accounting firm located in Toronto, Canada.



Production, Quality Control & Maintenence

Our success is in large part due to the people we employ, as well as the associations and partners we cultivate and nurture. 


Pictured above with George Usher are Linda Hughes and Dr. Bill Rencher, Founder & President, Drug / Device Development Solutions. 


Dextran Products has an extremely loyal and dedicated staff at our manufacturing facility in Canada, with the average tenure being no less than fifteen years. We are proud and privileged to retain such an extraordinary group of dedicated individuals. 


Our production team consists of five highly skilled individuals committed to Quality Control, which represents nearly 25% of our entire workforce. Another eight individuals are focused on Production, and two employees tightly control Material Management and Handling.



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