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Global Markets

Dextran Products reaches markets around the world.  We have been successfully audited by several large pharmaceutical companies from Canada, USA and Europe.


With a wide array of applications for our dextran based product line, we have established a loyal customer base in Europe, United States, Canada, the Pacific Rim and other locations across the globe.  


When a potential customer in New Zealand approached us with their geographically specific need for a veterinary copper supplement, we worked diligently to produce an appropriate product. 


One of our loyal customers in the U.S. has exclusively purchased our dextran based products to manufacture veterinary products and specialty chemicals for over 15 years, relying on our consistent supply of high-quality products to ensure their continued success.


Call us with your dextran requirements and put our team to work for you.

Facility Facts...

This plant has the capacity to simultaneously produce both 10% and 20% Iron Dextran at the rate of up to 11,000 liters per week, and 250 kilograms per month of Dextran Sulphate. Current production is approximately 8,000 liters of Iron Dextran per week and approximately 250 kilos of Dextran Sulphate per quarter."



George Usher - President and Chief Operating Officer


"The company recently embarked upon a major plant refurbishment project that included the purchase & installation of new & improved drying equipment with increased throughput. Growing interest in the company'’s powdered products has allowed management to proceed with the necessary testing & documentation to insure high quality product results." 


Sharon Wardlaw - Chief Operating Officer



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